Link content to occupations and update content (common content is instantly updated across all occupations) in one place to ensure accuracy and automate version control.

  • Content creation and management.
  • Removes duplication of content where it is repeated either in an occupation, or across occupations.
  • It serves as the primary planning and content development platform for content creation.
  • Assessments and a test development platform.
  • Integrates Practical Assessment results into the employees History of Learning.
  • It sorts, compiles and stores data sets: test results, workflows and tests, content, employee’s bio data, Occupations and History of Learning, and other.
  • It stores, manages, and updates content from a central point.
  • It automatically creates user friendly end user navigation for deployment (publishing).
  • It publishes the workflow to end-users in micro element workflows with integrated Q&A’s to all platforms (CBT, MAT-Clicker systems, PLS stations; E-learning on PC’s and Android tablets (confined to the capacity of the device).
  • It facilitates OJT and self-learning and testing in the language of choice (if required).
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