Mass Training & Assessment Solution

What it does

The Edutouch Mass Training and Assessment Solution (MAT), also known as the clicker system, forms an integral part of Galaxy II as it provides powerful learning methods that speed up learning, improves understanding and retention. It uses the most forms of training; collaborative learning, focused learning, bite size learning, blended learning, and media.

Powerful Training Methods


Content is delivered in micro-learning elements or Coherent Concepts (CC’s).

Each micro element has a test which all attendees complete simultaneously. This forces attendees to concentrate and focus on the content. (Focused Learning).

Trainers or facilitators, have a dashboard showing which trainees have not passed the test. This is where collaborate learning is applied. The trainer can ask trainees who passed the test to explain the CC. This helps those lagging, to hear the response in their jargon, or language, they can ask questions. Collaborative learning in the next most powerful form of learning to training.

The content used should be powerful instructional videos, to speed up information transfer, improve retention, and importantly understanding. Media learning improves retention by up to 60%.

The trainer tracks all trainees progress simultaneously, to minimized attendees from lagging, and to ensure that the best possible learning outcomes are achieved.

At the end of the training session, certificates or declarations are automatically printed for the trainers signature.

Watch the Video

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Benefits & Applications


Training time is halved, with improved understanding and retention.

Trainers can double up their processing of trainees, more trainees can be processed with much improved outcomes.

Administration time is minimised, thus freeing up their time.

Multiple training methods are available, collaborative learning, focused learning, bite size learning, blended learning, and media.

The DMR accepts the test results data, and authentication.

Training outcomes are automatically compiled into test results.

The registration process is fast and serves as an attendance register saving trainer and manpower time.


Classroom training.

On-the-job training and supervisor.

It is ideal for facilitator-based training and electronic assessments.

It is perfect for mass training and testing required by the DMR, like Section 54 instances.

Knowledge Gap analyses.



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