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The G-Cloud remote training platform is ideal for off-site learning and training. Content created in Galaxy II is accessed remotely from PC’s and Android devices. Executives and senior staff can complete inductions and other training from these devices.

Training departments have mostly been impacted by COVID in one or more of the following ways: their training capacity has halved, costs increased, training effectiveness has reduced. If you have the “me to” response, you should read on.

Which of these following problems do you need solutions for?

These problems can be solved in several ways. Online learning is one-way, Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) and On-the-Job Training (OJT) are others. These training forms are important contributors to solving the listed problems.

The Solution

Senior staff and contractors can complete their induction remotely. This saves time, promotes social distancing, and facilitates fast passage through security. It also eliminates the need for senior officials and executives to report to training centers and classrooms to do their induction training.

Manage Training Progress

An integrated platform that provides all the mentioned training forms is required. Central control to manage training progress of employees when combining a bouquet of training forms is essential.

Raises Staff Effectiveness

Important considerations when looking at ways to solve the listed problems must include cost reduction of training, speed up training (make it more effective with improved outcomes in less time), but the most important requirement, is to achieve conversion from the training / learning platform to effective application in the workplace. The test is, determining how well trainees apply what they have learned effectively?

Improves Training Outcomes

Achieving the above objectives, requires know-how, new training methods, software, and technology. When considering costs and training capacity, an important outcome to note, is that practical training and coaching time can be significantly reduced with improved outcomes, if the presentation of digital content is correctly formulated, developed, and published to user friendly platforms (which works for less literate and language restraints).

Easy Online Access

Online learning is an important learning form that will also solve some of the problems listed. Employees should have access to the online learning content, as well as the content contained in the various learning forms, e.g., MWL, and OJT from an integrated learning platform.

Low Cost Implementation

Elements of, or complete training forms should be used to achieve the required training / learning outcomes. We tailer these and incorporate them into a single integrated platform, to achieve the best outcomes for the client; cost reduction, speed of implementation and rollout, maintaining a low cost of implementation, and optimising the rate of return.

Advisory & Support Services

Implementing integrated solutions may appear complex and costly, but this is not the case. We like to keep things simple; We provide the training and / or advisory services you need to achieve the above outcomes. If you are serious about saving cost, time and achieving improved training outcomes, then let us help you. We offer a free online consultation, to help evaluate the degree of potential, and answer questions you may have. No obligations after the consultation.

Here is an example list some of the support services we provide to help you:

Provide the training courses for all the items listed.
Help you to estimate the cost reduction potential.
Know-how to implement the project at low cost and achieve the best returns to make the project self-funding.
To create and develop content for the learning forms used.
Provide support to walk you through the entire process.
Provide the technology software and know-how.
Provide post implementation support

Provide change management support.


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