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For over 18 years, Edutouch has distilled insights by working closely with the mining, services, retail, and other industries, to understand workplace complexities, to develop new methods for modern workplace learning, on-the-job training, continuous improvement, and people development. The solutions focus on user-friendliness, and ease of use. It caters for technically challenged and illiterate people (provides self-training and testing in their language of choice), through to the technically competent and ntellectual. The Galaxy II system represents over 12 years of development. It provides the solutions, methods and technology that achieve the objectives mentioned, faster and at less cost compared to conventional methods.

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A New Approach to Performance Improvement in Operations

We adopt a blended learning bottom-up approach, using custom developed digital and technology driven solutions: performance, technology enabled coaching, multiple-skill development, interaction, and cognitive ability with foundational training.

These are aimed at developing people in their specific roles. Developing people to improve their performance in their role, is vital for cost reduction and to improve performance in operations. The training developed for employees in their role serves to build corporate expertise and IP so that skills are not lost when an employee departs from their role. The benefit is that the new incumbent is trained quickly. Content for the role incorporates the specific skills, expertise, safety, and cognitive ability the employees require to perform optimally.

The Galaxy II system is unique in that it merges two essential training and development requirements to serve industry. First, it aligns with SETA regulatory requirements and provides the perfect platform for training occupational and other courses for the entire organization. The second, is that it focuses on new methods and training solutions to develop employees to become optimal performers in their specific roles.

The Galaxy II system is designed to help management focus on improving critical areas, where cost reduction and performance improvement delivers the best value gain first. This is cascaded down throughout the organization, until the business is operating optimally, establishing a sound pathway to sustainable recovery.

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Optimizing Resources & Cost Reduction

The interventions achieve optimal training and development outcomes; doubles the speed of training, improves retention and understanding, which translates into effective application in the workplace.

The solutions streamline and automate processes, so that they require minimal resources (compared to conventional methods). It incorporates cost effective and affordable training and development solutions, that will improve operational performance, raising skills, expertise, and competencies of employees fast. It facilitates a blended learning for a “phased-in” process from a bottom-up approach. It can be custom developed specific to client requirements.

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Global Best Learning & Development Methods

Learning Methods

The learning methods include interactive learning, classroom learning, blended learning, focused learning, micro bite size learning, on the job learning, training to need, gap training, spaced learning, and collaborative learning.

Global Best

Galaxy II encompasses and, or incorporates best global training methods, and blended learning practices, as an integral part of the Galaxy II system. The training methods optimise available learning time, improves understanding, retention and most importantly, knowledge application.

Modern Learning

The training methods and technology take the form of micro learning and testing. It provides essential tools, and systems for on-the-job training, and for Modern Workplace Learning. This method of training serves the front line upwards. It tracks, manages, and compiles every training activity, and test result, from every user platform as it happens. It compiles these into the correct curricula structure.


The learning and test data provides reporting and statistical analyses, as it happens. The Galaxy II system separates the learning elements used in “role training content” and associates, compiles them, into the History of Learning module in real time. The training results can be viewed from the Group reports in summary, or in the detail in which it was done, for every employee.

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Trending Globally

Companies globally are trending towards Workplace Learning and On-the-job training. Our solutions are advanced and developed for on-the-job training in harsh workplace conditions. They surmount challenges of workplace complexities and achieve optimum people and operational performance.

Ease of Access

Employees must have ease of access for learning on demand. In context of the Galaxy II solutions, it refers to providing on demand learning for on-the-job training. This requires that the learning platform be close to or at their workplaces. Ease of access also refers to the employee’s ability to access the required learning content with “easy navigation” structures that take them to their Coherent Concepts or learning in micro-bite formats. Language of choice and user friendliness are important requirements for ease of access as well.

Employee on-the-job learning is very effective when employees are not sure, or do not know and need reinforcement. When they are learning in micro bites on a “need to know” basis it is powerful, because it enhances retention and understanding.

Alternate methods for learning, on a “need-to-know” basis for on-the-job learning will require different methods where working conditions are harsh, and not conducive for learning at the workplace.

This form of learning reduces the cost and time required to learn. By focusing on specific development of people in their roles to improve their performance, training becomes more effective. Outcomes improve and costs are reduced.

The outcomes in terms of ease of access, are:

  • Employees continuously refresh, they enhance and grow knowledge in their roles and improve knowledge application.
  • Time and cost to train is less, with much improved outcomes.
  • It continuously helps employees strive towards optimal performance and ultimately excellence.
Continuous Improvement

Galaxy II serves an important role for training employees to implement remedial actions (all forms of training). It provides the training and application requirements for implementing remedial action, that is specific to the applicable role. It also provides management feedback loops, and tools to monitor, manage and sustain for continuous improvement.

Optimising Trainer Efficiency & Effectiveness

Trainers’ efficiency and effectiveness will improve. Significant time is saved by automating administration processes, speeding up training time, and removing burdensome paperwork. This creates additional trainer capacity. The additional capacity can be used to develop role specific training content. Trainers should work with operations to determine what content is required, and then develop the content.

Optimising Training Resources

Video and 3D instruction correctly compiled, reduces theory training, as well as practical training time. Employees can be trained to ever increasing levels of understanding by applying these new methods. This will require less training time on simulators, VR and AR. More people can be processed through these learning forms. Trainers will have more time; this collectively optimizes training resources.

Version Control

Content authenticated approval processes can be accomplished digitally. This ensures that the correct authorization is received before updates are introduced for version control. The Galaxy II Version Control, audit trails every change, the version is updated automatically, as content is added, or updated.

Users are required to authenticate themselves via biometric or other method whenever they access training on a learner platform. Training is delivered in micro training elements followed by a test. It is not possible to alter or change results, because the training event is time and date stamped, these are tracked and audited automatically. Audit reports can be pulled at any stage to validate authentication, version, approvals etc.

On Demand Training

Content and tests can be quickly compiled, and published for specific training needs, catalogues, and DMR. Deployment of the specialized training is instant and results available real-time.

Rollout & Scalability

The Galaxy II system is infinitely scalable, and can be rolled out fast, providing the implementation, training and support required.

System Integration

Galaxy II integrates with various ERP systems. Customization per integration application will be necessary.

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