Conventional Training and Development Methods Failing

Conventional training and development methods are unnecessarily costly. These costs include time to schedule and manage training of employees, administration of curricula, compiling, reporting, filing, paper, and printing.

The most significant cost consequences are caused from training outcomes not converting into performance improvement in operations and safer working practices.

Time to train using conventional methods takes too long, and in most instances, it is slow to achieve effective application at the workplace. This inhibits possibilities of reducing costs and to achieve sustainable performance improvements.

The lack of effectiveness in conventional training in most South African industries, is reflected in the notable declines in their productivity over past decades, when compared to their global competitors.

Whilst there are other factors like political interference that contributed to the decline, a large apportionment of the causes of productivity decline is attributed to conventional training methods failing to deliver the level of skills and expertise, which industries require to perform competitively against their global competitors.

Summary of Cost Reduction Areas

Typical cost reduction areas:

Galaxy II system speeds up the training process, reduces training costs, and creates capacity within HR resources.

Optimize trainer expertise and capacity.

It improves training outcomes; retention and understanding, which translates into effective application in the workplace.

The Galaxy II system reduces the cost of operations by improving people performance from the front line upwards.

It reduces the cost of people development.

It frees up management time and creates more capacity, for them to focus on more important areas.

It reduces the cost of implementation.


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LeanFocus, our consulting division, provides professional advisory services across the value chain. The LeanFocus Professionals are experts in reducing the cost of operations and company turnarounds. Generally, implementation of performance improvement projects fails, where people are required to participate in implementation from the shopfloor upwards. Galaxy II incorporates new methods and systems that overcome implementation problems. The Galaxy II system removes time consuming and laborious tasks to get people to conform, to train, and to implement their requirements effectively. The Galaxy II methods streamlines and automates manual processes. The outcomes are that performance improvement is achieved faster, it costs less, and returns the expected value / performance gain anticipated for the project. LeanFocus delivers real value in less time and at cost.

The process of implementation begins by focusing on improving critical areas of performance, and thereafter cascading down from greatest to least. It begins with a need’s analyses followed by a first principal solution determination, which defines what the actual possibilities are, what is required, and how to achieve the possibilities, and outcomes identified. This process achieves optimal incremental improvements, to take operational performances to new levels. All analyses, performance improvement initiatives are done in collaboration with our clients in partnership. We are an extension not a replacement.


We provide solutions in part or as a complete turnkey solution. The Edutouch technology driven solutions and methods ensures successful implementation.


We customize our IT solutions and Tablet solutions, to adapt to client requirements. Other services include customization of Tablet Applications, system integration, functionality, and reports. We supply and implement the required solutions, train users, and provide support, before, during and post implementation.

Service & Support

Edutouch has developed sophisticated methods for remote Implementation, training, and deployment of software to cater for fast and effective Implementation, training, and support.

FTP Deployment - Implementation is conducted remotely via VPN deployment, configuration.

On-line training and support

Technical and user support, via Remote Desktop.

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