Computer Based Training

What it does

CBT is an integral module of Galaxy II. Curricula with content, questions and answers are deployed to PC workstations. Suitable applications:

  • Occupation-based training.
  • Inductions.
  • Refresher training.

Watch the Video

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  • Occupation-based training.
  • Inductions.
  • Refresher training.
  • Caters for all levels of illiteracy.
  • Facilitates narrated language of choice for content and Q&A’s.




Registration and attendance and progress tracking of employee.


Trainee logs on with required ID (specified by client biometric, barcode or other) training specific to learner needs specific needs. All records are date & time stamped with employee master data associated.

Q & A

Randomization of Q&A’s – create specific assessment pools.


Content and test deliver Micro-bite content with associated Q&A’s.


Easy to use (touchscreen) or mouse activated navigation for quick access to the learners specific training material.


Caters for all levels of illiteracy – Facilitates narrated language of choice for content and Q&A’s.


Method of Learning – Global best learning practices.


Certification and result verification using digital facilitator / trainer digital signature.


Tracks and manages course progress and print Certificates / Declarations automatically when course is successfully completed.


Digital authentication; can be incorporated.


The CBT solution operates out of online and out of signal.

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The Galaxy II Integrated Computer Based Training Platform

All the elements that are contained in Galaxy II CBT, plus much more.

For more explanatory information about the Galaxy II CBT platform.

Advanced Functionality Options

Learner Progress

Indicator on assessment screens show which attempt the learner is busy with.

Answer Attempts

3 x attempt rule; prevent learners from wasting time Required for assessment policy. After three failed attempts the learner is section is closed, forcing the learner to move to the next step in the workflow.


User-defined (optional) “minimum level for progression” prevents the learner from progressing to the second and third assessment attempts if not achieved.

Stop Learner

Prevent learner with limited understanding progressing further.


The facilitator can interact with the learner for additional training before commencing.


Export assessments to an Excel spread sheet.


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