Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry with digital systems and solutions that help management to shift from ailing and marginal, to viable and profitable. Many industries are marginal, fighting for survival. They cannot afford technology and mechanization. They lack the required resources and finance to bring about meaningful change in performance improvement – this is their lifeline. Even if you are not one of these companies, you can grow from good to great. Most industries in South Africa desperately need effective training solutions that deliver the skills, and expertise they require at an affordable cost. This is an essential ingredient to achieve optimal and sustained performance, and to improve cashflow and EBITDA. There should be an urgency to implement these systems.

Our Objectives

  • To improve the viability of organizations through the ptimization of employee efficiency, their effectiveness, competency, and safety.
  • To improve people performance, to reduce training costs and improve operational performance. Productivity improvement, and cost reduction are people dependent. People are the root cause of high operational costs. People can contribute to significant cost reduction by reducing 8 wastes, as defined by Lean, and by improving their performance in areas where cost reduction possibilities exist. The Galaxy II system is developed to solve these, and other problems associated to low productivity, sub-standard performance, lack of skills, and expertise.
  • To reduce the cost of training systems, solutions, and methods to make it affordable for mines and other industries.
  • To provide technology driven solutions which are scalable, fast, and easy to roll out. Low cost to implement, and user friendly for administrators, trainers, and trainees.
  • To help organization convert their training departments into economic drivers (value add to the business) by equipping them with state-of-the-art global best practice digital training systems, solutions, and methods.
  • To create a culture of continuous and sustained improvement.

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